While expanding our company, we aim to protect life by creating a positive social influence to provide healthy and reliable food products not only for today’s generation but also for tomorrow’s future generations.
With the fact that we are part of human-nature entirety, we continue to produce sustainable products together with our partners that are protecting environment and natural resources.
We supply the raw materials that we use in our products by protecting the world resources. We treat people fairly and respect their rights. Therefore, we create benefits for our employees, suppliers and the community. 




We organize meetings with our suppliers selected for this purpose to improve the method of good agricultural practices used every year. We provide trainings on agricultural management and registration system.

All our activities are based on our sustainability principle; which is to create healthy and safe nutrition, environmental effects and humane effects. By investing in agricultural industry, we continue to work with the aim to protect ecological balance and sustainable life for healthy generations.


We are the solution provider for flour and flour based production with our natural and innovative products

With our wide range of products, including cleaned whole wheat, wheat flours, heat treated ( dried ) flours, pregelatinized flours and imporvers, we provide standart and custom tailored solutions