Toast Bread Improver
Toast Bread Improver

Bread Improver designed for the production of toast breads and its varieties in industrial and semi-industrial bakeries.

General Features :

  • Provides a better maintained softness throughout the shelf life of long shelf life packaged toast breads and its varieties.
  • Provides a more regular crumb structure and softness in toast breads and its varieties.
  • Provides a thinner and more flexible crust structure that reduces slicing losses.
  • Provides better shape keeping breads by increasing product flexibility.
  • Provides more products handling and increases product efficiency.
  • Does not contain GMO.
  • Halal and Kosher certified.


Applications​ :

  • Suitable for usage in toast breads and its varieties production in industrial and semi-industrial bakeries. 
  • Suitable for producing toast breads and its varieties in different formulas.
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