The result of our working philosophy based on Innovation and R&D!

The range of products is not only wheat flour, but also "heat treated flour" which is the inevitable product of the soup products market, responds to the needs of the customer with continuous process, laboratory and microbiological controls.

Pregelatinized flour production under “MULTIREX”brand is among one of the firsts in Turkey. "Whole Wheat", which is cleaned in 100% hygienic conditions for breakfast products, is produced in facilities and infrastructures that can provide all kinds of food safety conditions.


We serve different sectors and markets with experienced technical team and with our developing mixes that can respond to different performances in chicken coating products, snack chips, coated nuts, tomato paste, sauce and biscuit cream products.

Beside 1, 2, 5 and 10 kg kraft packaged products for retail packaged flour market, we offer 20, 25 kg kraft, 50 kg PP and Bigbag packaging and bulk trailer alternatives.

We are the solution provider for flour and flour based production with our natural and innovative products

With our wide range of products, including cleaned whole wheat, wheat flours, heat treated ( dried ) flours, pregelatinized flours and imporvers, we provide standart and custom tailored solutions